About Us

Pioneering Geo-technical Solutions

Con-Tech Systems Ltd. is a leading innovator and supplier of geo-support solutions and construction technology systems in North America. Incorporated in 1985, we are a family owned and operated company headquartered near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our Mission 

To be the preferred supplier of geo-support solutions and products in North America.

Our Vision 

We exist to develop and provide innovative products and solutions with exceptional service and lasting quality. For Geo Support  Systems and Deep Foundations.

Our Values

Safety - Our primary concern in all aspects of our business
Reliability - To our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders
Innovation - Through research, applied knowledge and creativity
Integrity - Through pride and honesty

Our Innovations 

Because we are innovators, not just suppliers, we have developed a variety of systems that are used throughout North America. Some of our innovations include:

  • Strand anchor systems for permanent and temporary rock or soil anchors. Up to  92 Strands, over 400 feet long.
  • Intelligent Strand Anchors for permanent load monitoring
  • New Hot Rolled Thread Bars (HRTB®) in Grades 80 and 100, with high ductility and up to 4"Ø. Grade 150 High strength bars up to 3"Ø for Geo Support Systems, including Pre-Stressing Concrete
  • Grade 160 High strength bars for special applications and form ties.
  • Deep Foundation Systems for wind turbines, using our Groutable Void Form, GVF. (Patented)
  • First who introduced and further developed the CTS®/IBO® Hollow Bar Anchor, Soil Nail and Micropile Systems in North America, starting in 1985.
  • Hollow Rebar for CSL and other testing probes in Drilled Shaft Cages (Patented), and as shaft tip post Grouting tubes. (Patent Pending)
  • Back flow Preventer Systems with special seal plug, for immediate Preventer removal. (Patented).
  • Fiber Glass Anchors in Lieu of removable  anchors.